TOPSCOMM: Make Energy More Intelligent Aug 11,2016


Recently, at the 6th International Smart Grid Summit, Qingdao Topscomm Communication Co., Ltd. demonstrated the company's core communication product--TCC081C power line carrier communication chip, a major highlight of the show.

Qingdao Topscomm Communication Co., Ltd.

TOPSCOMM was founded in 2008, with TOPSCOMM people’s specific adherence and faith, and the continue exploration of power line carrier communication, the core products were launched and broke the original market structure, gradually emerged in the field of power line carrier.

After years’ development, TOPSCOMM PLC products market share has ranked No.1 in China, obtained the leading market position in PLC industry. In 2015, the turnover has broken 1 billion RMB (Over 155 million USD ); and in 2016, TOPSCOMM listed in the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange. Presently, over 150 million units of TOPSCOMM PLC products are operating in all over the world.

“TOPSCOMM adopts the most advanced modulation and demodulation technology to achieve the bi-directional, high-speed, high security and stable data transmission in low voltage power line,” said Mr. Zhishuang Yuan, the Deputy General Manager of the group, “we are now also committed to achieve the perfect landing of broad band PLC technology, to contribute to the power line network interconnection in the applications such as energy information collection, distributed energy management, electric energy efficiency management, intelligent home, intelligent building management etc. ”

TOPSCOMM medium voltage PLC communication solution is a kind of communication technology to make use of the widely distributed 10kV medium voltage distribution lines as the data transmission channel. This kind of communication will not be affected by geographical, environmental factor, its communication link is safe, stable and reliable. TOPSCOMM medium voltage PLC communication solution is able to make the 10kV power line into utility self-owned private communication network, effectively settle the on-line problems of the collection terminals at weak signal areas or no signal covered areas, to achieve full data collection and signal coverage of electricity information. The solution is available to replace the current used GPRS communication channel, to build up a utility independently controlled medium voltage distribution lines transmission channel, to prevent the stability & security of data transmission from the limitations caused by the public mobile network provider. And the solution also helps to provide dedicated real-time data transmission channel for power distribution automation system, to achieve the optimal investment in the comprehensive monitoring of distribution network.

As a professional solution provider in low voltage PLC meter reading, and an industrial leader in intelligent power data collection, TOPSCOMM has already made full deployment in four-meter unified reading field (water/gas/heat/energy meters reading). TOPSCOMM makes full use of the advantages and experience in terms of intelligent data collection, has developed the four-meter unified reading system which combined with low voltage PLC communication technology, TC-BUS communication technology, wireless communication technology and other solutions.

In Qingdao, TOPSCOMM owns a high-tech industrial park over than 330,000 square meters, there are photovoltaic power and wind power projects deployed which combined with PV inverter system and wind turbine control system independently researched and developed by TOPSCOMM. Meanwhile, the industrial park adopts the self-owned energy efficiency management system, achieved the cold and hot water energy storage to meet the cooling and heating demand for the whole park, finally to realize the green building energy efficiency management and the optimal management of gas, water, electricity, heating.

To optimize the energy utilization efficiency, and create green, energy saving and comfortable environment, TOPSCOMM has achieved leading position in demotic market.

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